Multimedia design student
Copenhagen, Denmark

I am currently on my 4th semester of Multimedia Design
at the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.
Below you will find some of my work.

  • marketing
  • camera
  • code
  • design


A presentation website of journalist student Rikke djurhuus.
The purpose of the site is to present herself and her work.
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A campaign banner on advertising a new sortiment of outdoor showers. The banner was used at the website for a month or two, during the summer.


A campaign banner which is presenting the new sortiment from Arredo. The Banner was used at and was a task I recieved because of my job as marketingassistant for Lope Handel Aps.


These 2 banners was used for an campaign for
They were used in the Applikation named "Reshopper".


Freelance, with group

This logo was made for Københavnerture/Copenhagen this way to boost their visual identity. It is being used at their website and on different kind of merchendise.
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School project, Group

We were assigned to promote Politiken´s E-paper.
This involved making a campaign video that was running on Facebook
and on a campaign site aswell.
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School project, Group

We were assigned to redesign Kaktuskbh´s website.
This was a pretty difficult task because the site was already well designed. We kept some of the working elements and redesigned the rest.
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School project, Group

As our 3rd semester exam assignment we were assigned to redesign the website
This included alot of different tasks, fx. making the website dynamic. We have therefore been using WordPress as a backend database, been using PHP and also worked with templates.
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About me


I am very energetic and full of energy.
I have been in the Danish Royal Guard which made me diciplined and responsible.
Besides that I'm engaged and detail-oriented.

  • Resume

    Please view my resume
    to learn more about me, my values and my special interests. You can also see my previous work.
  • Design

    At Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, Design is a major part of the education. Thats why I have knowledge of various design theories such as typography and color theory. When I either design or redesign a website my main focus is user experience and how it translates to the user interface.

  • Programming

    Since I started at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology I have worked with HTML, CSS and Jquery. This have given me great knowledge of the meaning of programming. I have also worked with the CMS (content management system) Wordpress in small doses.

  • website optimization

    Speed is a keyword when it comes to websites. And to keep the visitors intrested the site has to be quick and smooth.
    Throughout my studies I have worked with optimizing websites in different ways.

  • Digital marketing

    Digital marketing is an important thing in companies and using the social media to market themselves has become essential. Throughout my study, I have learned how to find the right target group and what social media to focus on.

  • Video

    During my time studying multimedia I have been working with different programs of Adobe. This includes Primiere pro, and after effects. In this context I have been making a few videos, and motion graphics.

Say hello

You are more than welcome to contact me
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